A Couple of Final Thoughts

Randy Rainbow’s final thoughts before the election (4 minutes):

I just wonder why after 4 years of one disaster after another, after thousands and thousands of lies anyone would vote for Trump or for any politician that supports Trump.

Joni Ernst had plenty of opportunities to break with Trump and show some leadership. She hid in the shadows. Expect no more of her if she is sent back to the senate.

Farmers were hard hit mostly by their own president. Why would any of them expect anything different from more Trump?

Trump is immoral, actually amoral, incompetent and only concerned about one person – himself. look at the way he treats anybody. Even his closest allies – Graham and McSally – in the senate have spent the past week being dissed by Trump.

He has sold out the country over and over. New evidence is coming out now, right now, tying him into a sellout to Turkey.

Given the chance – with your vote – Trump will end democracy and all that your ancestors worked for. Why would anyone vote for this guy?

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