Tired Of The Lies?

John Boehner :: JamesonDon’t know about you but I sure am tired of the constant lies from the Republican side of the aisle. These past few weeks have shown a bright spotlight on their propensity for lying their asses off almost no matter what the subject is. And not only is the lying endemic to them, they seem to rely on a chief of lies to create what we now call a right wing talking point. It is not really a talking point but a piece of propagandistic lie that seems to emanate from the belly of Fox News.

Once the propaganda has been released it doesn’t make any difference how true it is. Because of the infamous right wing echo chamber any propaganda release is stated and restated thousands of times within a few hours. Thus the propaganda reaches the status of a news story within a short time. The media in America has often been little but a stenographer for the right wing in recent years. For one thing, no media wants to be caught NOT covering what all the other media is covering. Second it is easier and cheaper to do. The news division is no longer a source of pride for a network; they are a profit center and must create revenue and cut costs.

All that said to ask a simple question – do you want to vote for proven liars for public office? I don’t. If someone lies to me they have lost my trust pretty much forever. I have and will question those who lie to me. But once they lie to me, they have lost my trust. My question to those reading this is – do you want to be governed by those who lie every time they open their mouths? It certainly shows they have little respect for you, your family or for our country. Americans are tough. They can handle the truth. To lie to them is to say “we do not care what you think.”

Beyond the fact that they are lying, they are almost always using someone else’s words. They are not even honest enough to lie to us using their own words. They can’t even look us in the eye. So if they are elected, how should we expect them to govern? They already lie to us repeatedly. Can we expect them to quit their lying once they get in office? Can we expect them to honor their promises or were those lies also. If you are like me, you know that if a person lacks integrity in communication with us, little he or she says is sincere.

Mitt Romney lied at every turn while running for office often lying to cover other lies. Nearly half the country voted for him. This simply shows that half the country does not care if they are lied to.

Chris Hayes had a good segment on Republican lying on his show All In Wednesday evening. Hayes took on the lies that the ACA have led to more and more part-time work in this country. The message is the same no matter what the right wing talking point is – take it apart and you will see it is nothing but a lie. If you vote for those who lie to us, we get an unresponsive government that acts for the good of those who buy the politician.

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