Why Republicans Must Lie

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I have now been around almost long enough to get Medicare, so I have actually seen much water go under the bridge. I have also been paying some amount of attention to what has gone on in our political world throughout most of that time. One of the things I believed is that a two party system would force each party into a situation where lies would not have a long life. That would be because the best weapon against a political party would be their own lies. This belief never considered that the media would be one sided and would report lies as if they were truth. The power of the media, especially the visual media is incredible.

What is so amazing these days is that Republicans lie with almost every word they speak. They simply must lie. Were they to tell the truth they would expose just how bad their policies are for all but the very wealthy. So they must cover a rotting corpse of dead policies with fine silks and perfumes that big money can buy so Americans don’t notice the rot and the stench.

Examples abound every day. Lies from morning to night. Branstad claims his policies bring jobs into Iowa at a faster pace than almost any where else, yet we lost 7,300 jobs in January. Branstad claimed a 2,000 job gain in January, clearly a lie. Republicans back a daily onslaught of lies concerning the ACA – lies that are causing folks to make decisions to avoid looking into the ACA and thus putting their own lives and savings in jeopardy. Speaking from a position of constitutional authority, as the Speaker of the House, John Boehner lies almost uncontrollably. Most recently he claimed that the ACA had caused less people to have insurance this year than last – simply a bald-faced lie.

If it is not outright lies like Branstad’s or Boehner’s, it is the active denial of facts and especially scientific truth which will hurt their wealthy owners. Each time they lie about climate change and block any attempts to stop us from killing ourselves is one day closer to bringing on the calamities that have already begun. Yet they lie. They lie to trap us into a fossil fuel economy where only their owners win.

Lying has always bothered me a great deal. When people lie to me I do confront them. When they continue I say good-bye, it’s been good to know you. But Republicans lies are flat out hurting us. They are killing people. Their lies about food stamps and unemployment insurance literally takes food out of the mouths of children. Their lies on climate change are exacerbating a problem that is beginning to rear its ugly head. Check the temperatures in Australia the last couple years. Check the drought in the California farming area that produces much of America’s food.

Their lies on health insurance cost at least 45,000 lives a year. Now they are trying to talk people out of getting health insurance, that Republican operatives  have at a risk to those who choose not to get it.

One other thing they lie about is the past in order to justify their lousy policies. No, folks, this was never started as a Christian or any other religious nation. It was purposely founded as a non-religious, secular nation to avoid the kind of trouble that being beholden to a religion can cause. So that too is a lie.

We can not solve problems if we refuse to admit these things are problems, based on data that is reviewed and taken as truthful. In other words we must face the truth in order to seek solutions. Time is starting to fall through the hour glass on some problems. The biggest single problem we have is the influence of money which is the underlying cause for the lies and the distortions

Our media is decidedly one sided these days. It continues to allow itself to be bullied into running stories that are obvious non-truths, even lies that have been exposed as news. I am not sure what the reasons are. Others wiser than I have postulated that like so much of the world today this is driven by money. Those that have money want to hear certain things certain ways. Those that have well paying jobs know that to keep those jobs they must do the bidding of those with the money. Plus access to the inner political circles is often driven by how well a reporter treats a public figure. Try to choose your news wisely.

When you enter the voting booth there are a couple of questions to ask yourself:
1) Is this candidate from a party that faces reality and deals with it?
2) Can I trust candidate and his or her party to be truthful with us?
These questions should be the very basis for choosing candidates this year.

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