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Fox News Misinformation

Maher:  “With Biden polling so well I’ve noticed that the right wing media has had to ramp up the lying…” This is pretty hilarious because sometimes you just gotta laugh.

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A Rant From Thom Hartmann

Radio broadcaster and best selling author Thom Hartmann treated the country to this rant Thursday morning. Hartmann takes on the insanity and incongruity of what passes for Republican “thinking” these days. Like many who read here, I can not understand … Continue reading

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How Do Republicans Get Away With The Lying?

 Their strategy is based entirely on lies. Forty per cent of Americans are believing the lies. How can this be?  The right wing eco-system, including radio, helps Republicans get away with lying. We’re not the only ones saying it.  List … Continue reading

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Governor Branstad Is Lying To You

— and you deserve better than that. Over the last three years, Governor Branstad has engaged in a campaign of deception about job growth in Iowa. By only counting jobs gained – and not any that were lost – he … Continue reading

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