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Letters, We Send Letters!

From our friend Don Paulson in Muscatine commenting on the Iowa legislature: Dear Editor,   The Iowa Legislature started a new session and already some Republicans are talking looney-tunes. One of their ideas is to eliminate the state’s income tax and … Continue reading

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Kim Reynolds Supports TPP: That Should Scare You

The following is a letter to the editor from Don Paulson. Mr. Paulson is chair of the Muscatine Democratic Party I get it now! Kim Reynolds was pulling an early April Fool’s Day joke with her 3/31/15 column urging passage … Continue reading

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Keep Those Letters Coming

We are getting down to crunch time for the 2014 election. Actual election day is about 35 days away. But as most of you know the election in Iowa started last Thursday. Everyday from here forward Iowans will be sitting … Continue reading

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Let’s Write Some Letters!

This election year the Republicans can dig deep into their nearly endless pockets. We don’t have those. What we do have is good policies, good candidates and access to newspaper Letter To The Editor sections. No better time to get … Continue reading

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Letters To The Editor: Don’t Be Shy!

Folks, I am a big believer in using the newspaper’s Letters To The Editor section to make sure the public knows we exist and that we support our candidates and their positions. Through polling we know that democratic positions are … Continue reading

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The “Dickens” You Say

Today’s guest post is by Larry Hodgden of Tipton Iowa. Larry is a retired Viet Nam era veteran of the USAF. He and his wife of 40 years, Sharon, have three children and seven grandchildren who keep him very busy. … Continue reading

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Cedar Valley Voices – The Funnel and Women’s Rights

Larry Hodgden of Tipton is among a group of writer’s who provide an alternative voice to Rep. Kaufmann’s column is the small town papers around Iowa City. He has graciously consented to allow me to republish these letters. Thank you … Continue reading

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What The Hell Is A Person Supposed To Do?

Next week the so-called “Super-Congress” will deliver its verdict on whose throat to cut as a sacrifice to the gods of austerity. It is at times like this that a citizen feels so helpless that they want to run screaming … Continue reading

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AttackWatch Launches, But Is It Good Strategy To Combat Lies With Facts?

Sadly,  in this day and age of corporate media and the right wing propaganda machine, the truth is probably not enough to win the media wars.  Research shows, and as BFIA has posted about previously (see:  New Study: Don’t Argue … Continue reading

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ALEC Readies Want List For Next Year

The American Legislative Exchange Council met in New Orleans in early August. Since ALEC wants to operate behind the scenes (or under a rock as I prefer) we have only bits and blotches of what happened there. What we do … Continue reading

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