Letters To The Editor: Don’t Be Shy!

letters to the editorFolks, I am a big believer in using the newspaper’s Letters To The Editor section to make sure the public knows we exist and that we support our candidates and their positions. Through polling we know that democratic positions are preferred by nearly 70% when polled on positions. We know that we have excellent candidates. We also know that Republican candidates often have character flaws that are often downplayed by the press.

So stand up and let the world know how good we are. Most papers have an online presence with a ‘contact us’ button. That is where you can usually find the LTTE submission form. It is fairly quick and easy. Most papers limit letters to 250 words or less, so it may be best to focus on one subject per letter. There is also usually a once-per-month limit to submissions. However, if we have many hands helping to write the letters we can cover a lot of subjects and candidates.

Here is an example from Larry Hodgden of Tipton who has allowed me to print this. Larry is a retired Viet Nam era veteran of the USAF, retired and living in Tipton..

It’s a Living, or is it?

Imagine working full time and taking home $250 a week after deductions. Try paying rent and utilities, putting gas in the car and buying groceries and clothes, often with children in the household as many single parent households must do. Never mind child care, health care or any of the other things we all take for granted.

The current minimum wage has less purchasing power today than it did in 1968 and now provides a full time wage earner with 20% less than the poverty level for a family of three. An increase to $10.10 per hour over three years as proposed in the Iowa House would give a raise to 340,000 Iowans, 60% of them women, and lift many families with children out of poverty.

This would reduce the reliance on SNAP (food stamps), free and reduced price school lunch, Medicaid and other social assistance programs.

It would restore some measure of dignity and self respect to parents and their children. Besides being the right thing to do, it would increase Iowa’s GDP by $346 million over three years and help create 1,400 jobs as every dime of the increased income would get spent in Iowa’s businesses.

I hear the concern about the economic strain this would put on small businesses and agree that there should be some consideration for them.

Surely there’s someone in state government who can find a solution, especially if the focus for tax relief and subsidies was moved from large corporations and placed where it belongs, with main street businesses.

U.S. Senator Tom Harkin has introduced a similar bill in the Senate and Senate candidate Bruce Braley is a strong proponent, but alas, we all know with Republicans controlling the U.S. House, this bill will go nowhere. That is why we must lobby our state representatives,

including Governor Branstad to join Senator Jack Hatch and take action so Iowa can join other states and be sure when Iowans work, “It’s a Living”.

Larry Hodgden

Tipton, Iowa

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