Letters, We Send Letters

One of BFIA’s favorite letter-to-the-editor writers, Don Paulson, shows us how it is done once again:

Many Republicans have expressed “outrage” at Rita Hart’s decision to appeal the outcome of Iowa’s Second District Congressional race to the U.S. House.  Currently there is only a six vote difference between the candidates.  They, along with Republicans Charles Grassley, Joni Ernst, Paul Pate, and Jeff Kaufmann are shedding big crocodile tears over this decision.

That alone tells you that Rita Hart is making the right decision.  Besides, the “Iowa legal process” as I see it only gave six days to put everything together- naming people to the panel, organizing meetings, and doing all of the work.  That would be practically impossible.

If they want to be outraged about something, how about some of these topics-

a) Donald Trump’s current attempt at a coup d’e-tat.

b)  Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds spent COVID relief money to pay her staff.

c)  Reynolds misspent $21 million in COVID funds for a new computer software system.

d)  Reynolds still hasn’t returned the privatized Iowa Medicare program back to state control.

e)  Donald Trump has stopped governing with over 300,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus.

f) Trump failing to secure anywhere near an adequate supply of corona virus vaccine when he had a chance

That is just a few things off the top of my head – I could go on forever.

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