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From our friend Don Paulson in Muscatine commenting on the Iowa legislature:

Dear Editor,  

The Iowa Legislature started a new session and already some Republicans are talking looney-tunes.

One of their ideas is to eliminate the state’s income tax and return the surplus to the taxpayers.  We need more revenue coming in to the state’s coffers, not less!

I guess they have forgotten that Iowa now has the worst bridges in the nation.  

I guess they have forgotten about the years of zero and one percent allowable growth to public education.

And the horrible water quality in this state.

Or the huge costs associated with fixing mental health problems in Iowa.

Or the inevitable additional checks we will hand out to for-profit insurance companies because the Republicans privatized Medicaid services in the state.

Or the….well, you get the idea.

Comment: And let’s not forget the Republican leadership’s practices of yearly underfunding Iowa’s once highly considered school system.

Dear Editor,

I see in the Muscatine Journal that Republican U.S. Senator Joni Ernst was in town to meet and greet her supporters as part of her “99-county tour” of Iowa.  If she doesn’t have an event in a public setting to address voters and answer questions it sets a very low bar.  Especially when you realize the Senate is scheduled to be in session for only 168 days this term (according to Ballotpedia) and she gets paid $174,000.  That is about three times what an average Iowa family earns.

    With a voting record like hers, maybe it’s understandable why she would want to avoid a face-to-face encounter with constituents.

    She has a grade of “F” with the National Education Association, and a seven percent rating with the League of Conservation Voters.

    Recently she voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no replacement ready to take its place.  And to add insult to injury, that same bill would have taken a billion dollars from the Centers for Disease Control.  Talk about shortsighted!  She also recently voted for a 20-week abortion ban instead of trusting women to control their own bodies.

    Senator Ernst votes with Trump over 90% of the time, even when she knows he has now told over 15,000 lies.  She never rebukes Majority Leader McConnell for holding up hundreds of bills that would benefit the country that were passed by the U.S. House.  But she has no problem confirming 200 “conservative activist judges”.

    Iowans can do better than this.  We need to vote out Joni Ernst.

And a couple from me to Iowa’s junior Senator:


Just got your blast about female genital mutilation.

I am really curious how you square supporting that very good women’s issue and also supporting the current president Donald Trump whose record with women is abysmal. He publicly said he “grabs them by the pussy” and forces his attention on them “I just start kissing them.” He has been accused of dozens of rapes and made hundreds of misogynist statements about women publicly.

If you stand for women, you should fully stand for women.


Remember when you said you would vote “not guilt” on Trump’s impeachment because you were sure that Trump would clean up his act? Sure got that wrong didn’t you?

Don’t you think you owe Iowans an apology?

What are your plans to reign in the president when he starts using presidential powers to go after political foes. You are only a tongue slip from being on his enemies list.

I am afraid you voted to end 228 years of checks and balances and constitutional government. What will take its place?


Congratulations on undoing the American revolution and the constitution.

Our forefathers fought and died to break away from a country where the leader could abuse the governed and never be held to account for it.

In the new government they made sure that no person, not one no matter how mighty and exalted they may be, could escape being accountable to the law. 

By voting not to have witnesses in the impeachment trial and then voting to acquit the president after a show trial, you will effectively take us back to the days before our revolution. And you will declare one man is above the law.

What are you so afraid of?

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