Let’s Write Some Letters!

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This election year the Republicans can dig deep into their nearly endless pockets. We don’t have those. What we do have is good policies, good candidates and access to newspaper Letter To The Editor sections. No better time to get involved than right now by submitting a letter.

Here is an example from Don Paulson, co-chair of the Muscatine County Democrats:

“Jim Hightower was right on the mark in his April 22 article in the Journal.

He talks about the heartless budget proposal passed by the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives. These horrible ideas have the working poor and the middle class paying almost all of the costs while the wealthy get more tax cuts.

Here are some of the big Republican ideas-
– Turn Medicare into a voucher system to buy private insurance.
– Turn food stamps into a block grant system and cut $125 billion from the program over five years.
– Turn Medicaid into a block grant program.
– Cut $145 billion from education programs, including $90 billion in Pell grants.
– Charge students interest on loans while they are still in school. (earns the government $40 billion.)
– Cut over $5 trillion from domestic programs over ten years.
– Get rid of Dodd-Frank legislation so Wall Street can ruin the economy again.
– And, of course, repeal the Affordable Care Act.

William Gale of the Brookings Institute simplifies it by saying,
“At a time when our country faces a daunting fiscal challenge, Ryan asks nothing of the wealthiest Americans. His budget proposal would simultaneously cut tax rates for the rich and corporations while slashing programs for the poor and elderly: he would shift many federal low-income assistance programs to state governments and would transform Medicare into a premium support system that will shift health care costs to seniors if health care inflation cannot be controlled.”

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