Kim Reynolds Supports TPP: That Should Scare You


The following is a letter to the editor from Don Paulson. Mr. Paulson is chair of the Muscatine Democratic Party

I get it now! Kim Reynolds was pulling an early April Fool’s Day joke with her 3/31/15 column urging passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Since work on the TPP is being done in secret she has no idea what specifics are in it.

A small section of this “NAFTA on steroids” plan has been leaked and that part is scary enough. There are 29 chapters in the draft, but only five deal with trade. According to a Public Citizen description, the rest of it sounds like “free market” garbage with 500 corporate “advisors” working on it.

On second thought, it sounds like “ALEC on steroids” and the joke would be on us.

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