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Killing The Economy Part 2 Trade And Tariffs

About a month ago – it is almost hard to keep track of time in the current rush of news – Iowa suddenly found itself smack in the middle of a trade war that it had nothing to do with. … Continue reading

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Renegotiating NAFTA Takes A Turn On Republicans

                                                 NAFTA flag image from google.com While it may be too much to hope for this leftover … Continue reading

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Hillary After Jefferson Jackson

Beginning with the first debate on Oct. 13, it has been a fast and wild ride for Democrats. Hillary Clinton held her lead in the polls, and Bernie Sanders appears to have reached a ceiling of support. Vice president Joe … Continue reading

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Kim Reynolds Supports TPP: That Should Scare You

The following is a letter to the editor from Don Paulson. Mr. Paulson is chair of the Muscatine Democratic Party I get it now! Kim Reynolds was pulling an early April Fool’s Day joke with her 3/31/15 column urging passage … Continue reading

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TPP – Not A Good Deal

A few weeks back I received an email that reported that a group of Iowa legislators were looking for some guidance on what was in the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). The reason is very logical – if the US joins in … Continue reading

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Who Owns the Earth?

This article by Noam Chomsky, emeritus professor of linguistics and philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, came from Truthout this month. It is relevant to the current conversation about immigration, borders, and protecting the commons. Read the entire article here. … Continue reading

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Don't Build the Danged Fence

The U.S. Congressman from Iowa’s fourth district made some comments about immigration recently. Actually, he’s made a lot of them over the years. We can’t let him frame the discussion or worse, re-distribute his memes. For why, read Mark Karlin’s … Continue reading

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Loebsack Schools Archer On Medicare, Tax Policy At Candidate Forum

Watch these 1-minute clips from the candidate forum co-sponsored by the Johnson County Task Force on Aging  and the Johnson County League of Women Voters.  It looked to us like Archer relied on disinformation and memorized talking points while Loebsack … Continue reading

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