IDP Email, Part 2: Defeat Joni Ernst Fund


I hope the email from IDP is not supposed to be secret because I am really happy to spread what I believe is a brilliant idea: let’s start now and build up a fund for whatever Democrat comes out of the primaries as Joni Ernst’s opponent. 

A model for such a pre-campaign money raiser for an unknown candidate was recently hashed for the future opponent of Senator Susan Collins in Maine after she diddled and dawdled about her vote on the Kavanaugh nomination. In the process she pissed a majority of Mainers who decided to do something serious about unseating her. As any political person these days know, campaigns cost money.

From the second part of the IDP email:

But we can do a LOT to address the other Senator from Iowa: Joni Ernst. So here’s what I’m prescribing to you to help fix that upset stomach you got about Chuck Grassley (remember, not a doctor): Make a donation to our Defeat Joni Ernst Fund so we can send a true champion for Iowa families to the Senate.

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It’s bad enough that Grassley moved up in the ranks in the Senate. But that move also opened up a spot on the Judiciary Committee — and his handpicked replacement was Senator Joni Ernst.

Joni Ernst is already following in Chuck Grassley’s footsteps — could you imagine if one day she ended up as the Chair of the Judiciary, or even Senate Pro Tempore?

We can’t let that happen. So we’re going to put a stop to Joni Ernst’s hyper-partisan agenda at the ballot box. But it won’t be easy.

Click here to make a donation to our Defeat Joni Ernst Fund — which is our very first step toward putting together an organization and a campaign that will have the resources to defeat her in 2020.

Looks like a fund to raise some campaign funds for the Democratic senate nominee has been established. 

If anything, the money raised from this fundraiser will help to level a money race that saw Ernst get over $3 million in “help” from the NRA and Koch brother super PACS.    

Of course with that kind of money you buy access. Most of us can think of instances where an Ernst statement or vote may have been “influenced” to be more favorable to the NRA or to billionaires than to average Iowans. Think of the vote for Brett Kavanaugh or the huge tax give away to the wealthy passed last year.

Add to votes like that the fact that Ernst has been a toady for Donald Trump and it is not surprising to find that a Public Policy Polling in Iowa found Ernst with a flat approval rating and support for the government shutdown in Iowa well below water. 

Considering that Ernst’s votes are pretty well pre-determined (see the discussion of influence above)  we are getting from Ernst, we could just as well have a Chatty Cathy doll in that seat.

Since neither you nor I nor anyone we know has Koch brother or NRA type money, we need to band together and build a fund over a period of time that can challenge a senator for sale like Joni Ernst.

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