Is Iowa Owned By The Koch Brothers?

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AFP’s Drew Klein is the only witness to Branstad signing the 2017 union busting bill.

Out of the blue republicans in the Iowa senate once again struck a blow against democracy by rushing a budget bill through sub-committee and committee that will be disastrous for Iowa. In a state that can’t even pay its current bills that have already been cut to the bone, Republicans in the state senate want to cut another $1 Billion out of revenues.

We will soon look like Kansas where they can barely keep their schools open. The legislature in Kansas had to be called into special session to raise taxes to keep the schools open last summer.

Even that was not enough as Kansas schools are still in crisis. And the roads in Kansas? Fugetaboudit!

Thoughts of Kansas leapt immediately to mind when I read this story from Iowa Public Radio Thursday evening.

Just a quick cut from the story to show who likes it. As you can see in the picture above Drew Klein was the only one in the room when Branny signed the bill to gut the unions:

The Iowa Chamber Alliance is still working its way through the bill:

“But overall at this point in time I have every confidence in saying there’s a lot for us to like in this bill,” said Executive Director John Stineman.

Steinman says the plan is fair to small businesses and corporations, and it will simplify taxes for everyone.

Meanwhile, the Koch-Brothers funded Americans for Prosperity is completely on board. 

“This is long overdue,” said AFP Iowa Director Drew Klein. “We have been too far behind the rest of the country for too long.”

Whether this bill passes or not, remember this fall that when you vote for a Republican at any level you are not voting for someone who will represent you. Nope, you will be voting for someone who will be representing the Koch Brothers, either through proposing bills fashioned by the Koch Brothers funded ALEC group or by kowtowing to the likes of Americans For Prosperity lobbyists as represented by Drew Klein.

The switchboard number for the Iowa Senate is 515.281.3371. Call and ask your senators to represent you and not the Koch Brothers.

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