Iowa Republicans Bicker Over Campaign Tweets Because They Can’t Stop Obamacare

obamacare approvedNot being a real news organization, BFIA has no self-imposed obligation to report (blab incessantly) about the media obsession of the week.  So, if you came to find out what we might have to say about Ted Cruz, move along, there’s nothing to see here.

The Texas Republican Senator who apparently possesses the same odd ability to fascinate the media as Sarah Palin did, engaged in all kinds of meaningless anti-Obamacare antics over the weekend that had absolutely no impact on anything.  This naturally qualified him for an interview with David Gregory on Meet The Press Sunday which you should definitely check out if watching Republicans lying is your thing.

Also in the  category of meaningless, but in this case entertaining, drivel was this weekend’s Iowa Press where the Iowa GOP aired their dirty laundry in front of real journalists who were sort of asking questions, and a television audience no doubt rapt by the high drama.  Right there on the TV the Republican state chair A.J. Spiker, was publicly confronted by a fellow Republican strategist, David Kochel, about the party’s poor choice of tweets during the 2012 campaign, among other things.  (*If you don’t believe this really happened, I’ve included the text of this portion of the conversation below – not sayin’ social media isn’t important and we couldn’t agree more with Kochel on his point about the pathetic IA-GOP priorities – but still, being ready with the tweet count just seemed a bit well, nerdy).

This delightfully ridiculous squabble (or was it deeply disturbing, you decide…) among Iowa’s Republican party leadership, broadcast over the publicly owned airwaves, is  a half hour of outstanding (or just plain bizarre) news/entertainment that will make you want to donate to IPTV… or not.

The news is just so damn depressing right now, what with the Republicans wanting the Democrats to hand over the family dog so  they will not be forced to take down the country.  Were it not for the astonishing when you think about it fact that the implementation phase of the Affordable Care Act has finally, finally arrived (!) and that despite Republicans throwing everything they had at Obamacare to prevent it from happening, here it is,  and 48 million or so Americans can now, tomorrow, sign up for the first time to buy health insurance –  were it not for this amazing accomplishment for our country taking place this week, one might otherwise have cause to lose hope.

Here is the link to Iowa Press:

*”And when I see 25 tweets on Syria, 4 tweets on common core, 0 tweets talking about our United States Senate candidates I’m disturbed.  When there are 18 retweets of A.J., Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Donald Trump and 0 retweets on their social media of Governor Branstad, Kim Reynolds and Iowa’s team and any of our five Senate candidates I think our priorities are in the wrong place.”

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