Which GOTeaparty Senator Wants To Shut Down The FCC?



The government may be open for business, but Ted Cruz still wants to shut things down.

The Texas senator’s new target? Political ad transparency.

Cruz is trying to block a vote on Tom Wheeler, President Obama’s nominee to chair the Federal Communications Commission — even though 99 other senators are ready vote on Wheeler.1

Tell Ted Cruz: Stop Holding the FCC Hostage

So what’s Cruz’s beef? He’s worried Wheeler will push for better disclosure of who’s funding political ads.

But don’t we have the right to know whether “Puppies and Kittens Against Barack Obama” is actually a front for Karl Rove or the Koch brothers?

And for that matter, if “Citizens for Sanity and a Functioning Government” is sponsoring ads against Cruz, we should know who’s footing the bill.

But Cruz — perhaps with an eye on who’s likely to bankroll his future campaigns — would rather keep all of us in the dark.

Tell Ted Cruz: Knock It Off Already

At the Free Press Action Fund, we have questions2 — a lot of questions3 — about what kind of FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is going to be.

But since the president already picked Wheeler and the vast majority of the Senate supports his nomination, it’s time to let him do the job and judge him on the results.

If Cruz doesn’t like Wheeler, he should vote against him. But it’s time to ditch the scare tactics and let the FCC move forward.

Thanks for all that you do,

Craig and the Free Press team


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