Steve King Tells Us What The Bottom Line Is

diverse group of  engineering students

diverse group of engineering students

From a story Thursday evening. Steve King lets the real driving force behind the Republican Party this year out of the bag in a way it is hard to misunderstand:

“This is perfect. Better than perfect. At a Ted Cruz campaign event in far-right Sioux County, Iowa, which helped hand Iowa caucus wins to Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Santorum in 2012, anti-immigrant zealot Rep. Steve King had this to say:

“I want to build an America that looks like Sioux County looks,” said King. “Do what Sioux County does, and direct the destiny of the caucuses. You know you offset other parts of the state. Please, do that again.”

“An America that looks like Sioux County looks.”

Sioux County is 96.6 percent white, whiter than Iowa’s 92.1 percent white and a helluva lot whiter than America’s 77.4 percent. Of course that’s the place Steve King would want to model all of America after. And that’s the kind of stuff being said at events for Ted Cruz as he tries to become the leader of this entire nation.


Looks like Trump isn’t the only candidate that wants to load up the trains and buses and point them to some border. I have forgotten too much algebra to calculate what the number is that has to go, but it is enormous.

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