Mitt On The White Horse To Save The Day

I have never given up thinking that Mitt would run for president this round. He, like Ted Cruz, believes that God (in Mitt’s case the Mormon God) chose him to run to be the first Mormon president. I have been amazed that he sat quietly on the sidelines while the circus played on. But I expressed to more than one person that I think Mitt believes that this is all a part of a plan God has for him. Come the convention and they have no nominee, Mitt will offer himself as the sane and experienced candidate.

Now I am not sure what God is going to do, since he seems to have handpicked both Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney.

Cruz has a man of God in his corner assuring him that God indeed has selected Ted. That Man of God is of course, Ted’s father Rafael Cruz. Rafael talks to God and God talks to Rafael. God tells Rafael that Ted is his choice for president.

Mitt on the other hand has had signs and he also has his magic underwear which have never failed him. I believe he does change them on occasion, but the magic seems to transfer from one pair to another. So it’s Mitt’s God and his magic underpants against Teddy’s daddy that talks to God and has the Almighty’s assurance of victory.

I know not if the Mormon God is the same as the Christian (or in this case the Christian evangelical) God. If so then God has hedged His bet to make sure he has a horse in the big showdown. If these are two different Gods, then we may see storms and lightning the likes of which we haven’t seen since the days of Rome when Gods clashing was a common event.

And who knows, Donald Trump – who appears to believe he is God – may take this as a chance to show his Godly resume and join in throwing a couple lightning bolts. More likely Trump will sue the other two Gods for impersonation of Trump.

You may think this would be thrown out of a normal court, but look for Clarence Thomas to push for SCOTUS to take this issue up on the advice of Antonin Scalia. Scalia is only dead to some of us.

As for me, until whatever God there may be somehow makes it quite clear who His favorite is (not some of that hokey stuff in the bible) then I think it best to decide our leaders based on what they will do to help the majority of the humans we have in this country. Sorry Ted, Mitt, Don – if your talking to God you ain’t dealing with reality.

You and I may be a bit leery of another Romney run, but I can see folks like John Fugelsang, Stephanie Miller, Samantha Bee, and Andy Borowitz thanking the Gods of comedy for this chance.

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