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Following my previous position how the far right Republicans use big money, media and systemic loopholes to get and keep power I found Thom Hartmann’s daily rant for Thursday to fit right into the theme. Hartmann points out that the … Continue reading

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Ode To The Iowa Caucuses

by Will Jennings The nostalgic political junkie in me mourns the loss of the Iowa Caucuses, though the reasons for changes by the Democratic party are sound and notably so. “Nostalgia” here is not over a fictional “Iowa” or a … Continue reading

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Iowa Democrats Make The Case For First

I’m not a caucus naysayer. I’ve gone to caucuses most of my adult life.  I want Iowa to continue to be first in the nation. I think we do a great job. In 2020 the Trumpsters jammed the reporting phone … Continue reading

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Iowa Press Has A Great Program… For A Change

I’ve been critical of Iowa Press. I just want them to be better because they have a key role to play informing the citizens of Iowa. In case you missed it the most recent edition of Iowa Press is definitely … Continue reading

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It Is Time To Ditch The Iowa Caucuses

When our family lived in Indiana, the 1988 Democratic nominee for president was mostly decided when our May 3 primary arrived. Michael Dukakis had been dominating previous primary contests and was expected to get the nod for president. He did. … Continue reading

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Democracy For America Will Make Presidential Primary Endorsement

Democracy for America has a HUGE announcement. Starting today, you — and other DFA members nationwide — have the opportunity to decide if our people-powered organization will make an endorsement in the Democratic Party presidential primary race. This endorsement decision … Continue reading

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NextGen's Tom Steyer Visits Iowa

(Editor’s Note: Over tea with Tessa Lengeling, press secretary, NextGen Climate Iowa, prior to the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame celebration, she said the organization had signature cards on more than 42,000 climate voters prior to the 2014 midterm … Continue reading

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Rowley – McGovern Iowa Speaking Tour

FBI whistle blower Coleen Rowley and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern to speak at organized events in nine Iowa cities beginning Sept. 24 IOWA CITY — The three Iowa chapters of Veterans for Peace announce a nine-city tour of Iowa … Continue reading

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Hapless Republicans Chronicled In “Caucus”

(Note from BFIA: We have not seen this film and have no idea if it is any good, but if you are inexplicably interested in revisiting Santorum and Bachmann’s time in Iowa in 2012, it will air Sunday night). Al … Continue reading

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Lizard Crimson

lizard crimson my parole officer will be so proud of me sittin under mt Trashmore sippin lattes doin the macirena with all the political whores runnin for president in the iowa caucuses ah yes, they’re called the iowa cauci in … Continue reading

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