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Real issues seem to have little effect on the voting public these days. Democrats are currently governing extremely well, about as well as America has had in its history, despite being shackled by a radical right Republican Party that is doing all it can to bring any actual governing to a halt. This is at the national level.

Democrats are addressing or have addressed the climate crisis, the continuing hangover from a still active pandemic, outrageous drug prices, veteran’s health problems due to toxic burn pits, bringing critical manufacturing back to our shores, while continuing to investigate an attempted takeover of our government led by the previous president.

While doing all this, employment is at record levels. Also inflation which began at the end of the previous administration is slowly being tamed. It must be tamed slowly because a a head on collision with inflation would most likely cause a huge economic disaster.

By all measures Democrats are doing a great job even if they must compromise to get something rather than nothing. In previous decades the job being done by Democrats currently would be hailed as fantastic. With today’s media that has a vested interest in the radical Republicans. We seldom hear a word of praise for good governance. Even NPR is hard pressed to find something good to say.

These days radical Republican barely mention policy and issues. Their whole identity is in mouthing some meaningless phrases (“freedom”, “guns don’t kill”, “tax cuts” – (those are for the rich only)) while their reality is following a wannabe tin horn dictator and fearing that they may get on that tin horn dictator’s bad side.

Their party has turned literally into a cult of worshipping Donald Trump. That is the total summation of their policy. That includes going in totally on the BIG LIE that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

So here is a question for you. Let’s say you were needing help and needed to hire someone. Being able to trust that person was one of the most important criteria because you would need to trust that person to work on their own and produce results.

Who would meet those criteria? Chuck Grassley or Michael Franken? We have seen Grassley time after time betray our trust on things like court appointments, health care legislation, and just recently first turning his back on veterans and then turning his back on those who need insulin. 

Just as another example, we see Grassley taking a nice farm subsidy from the government while time after time railing against others who may get a government subsidy such as Social Security or unemployment payments. 

Social Security and Medicare will be on the line in this election. Can you trust Grassley to do the right thing with those vital programs? I sure can’t. But I can sure trust Mike Franken to do the right thing.

Across the board I could trust Mike Franken to do the right thing in most any situation. I couldn’t trust Grassley out of my sight. Even in sight he is untrustworthy.

Same goes with Kim Reynolds. We have seen her badly botch the pandemic response. We see her take free plane rides from donors. We see her actively working to destroy Iowa’s public school system. We see her actively working to outlaw abortion in Iowa and really screw up women’s reproductive health in Iowa. 

Given such a track record, how could you ever trust her in any new situation. I would never want to hire someone like her. If you haven’t noticed, Reynolds has made it quite plain that she is working for the rich.

Iowa has a real choice this fall.
Democrat Deidre DeJear for Governor

Deidre DeJear on the other hand has been a breath of fresh air in the stale environment of an Iowa that is run by one party. DeJear talks about what the state can accomplish. She talks of making our education system great again. She speaks of things we haven’t heard in a long time in Iowa. I trust her to make good decisions.

We have similar situations in our congressional races. Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks double talk and come back around. They seem to have little grasp of issues like most Republicans. Their biggest concern seems to be complying with the rules of the cult of personality.
First district Democratic congressional candidate Christina Bohannan

In contrast both Christina Bohannan and Liz Mathis have shown that they can be trusted by constituents to be trustworthy during their time in the Iowa legislature.
Liz Mathis second district congressional candidate

Think long and hard this fall. New issues will arise. Who can you really trust when they do. I can’t think of any Republican I would trust as their party becomes radicalized around a lawbreaking tin pot dictator wannabe. 


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