Idle Thoughts As Summer Comes In

  • Slowly, despite continued help from the mainstream media, Republicans are revealing themselves to be the hypocritical, selfish, greedy authoritarians that we have always known they were. It is sad that destroying Roe v. Wade was what it took to get most of the country’s attention. Maybe now people will listen? No, I doubt it also.
  • I find a real incredible contrast that governmental units have responded so quickly and decisively to the bird flu crisis. This is the way things should work. When humans were threatened with a killer pandemic nearly 2.5 years ago, our governments responded with a shrug of the shoulders. Corporate Kim Reynolds immediate response back then was to keep the hog operations running as people died. Just my take on things.
  • This summer’s double whammy of Justice(?) Alito’s hugely unpopular and very badly written and thought out opinion striking down Roe V. Wade coupled with live hearings of the January 6th Committee should make for a toxic environment for all Republicans from the county courthouse to the nation’s US House. Or to put it another way, they will finally reap what they have sown for decades.
  • Paul Cogan tweeted Not a single elected Democrat has to lie about where they were on January 6th. None. I just thought I would tweet that.”
  • In case you have forgotten, so far only two (2) Republicans had enough guts to do the right thing FOR THE COUNTRY about January 6th. They are Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger. Kinsinger will be leaving congress and Cheney has essentially been removed from her party.
  • Interesting in my lifetime we have gone from a country that wouldn’t elect a Catholic president to a country that has six Catholics on the nine member SCOTUS. Five of those are from the extreme conservative wing of the Catholic Church. Justice Gorsuch is now Anglican, but was raised Catholic. Justice Sotomayer is Catholic but from the progressive side of the ledger.
  • Our nation has taken a huge step toward dissolving due to the insurrection on January 6th. Not because of the insurrection itself, but because of the Trump followers and political cowards who do not have the spine to stand up to one human being. If Trump and his goons are exonerated of crimes in connection with January 6th, it shows our whole justice system to be a sham.
  • Our Justice system is already pretty much of a sham. Perdue pharmacy kills thousands with its opioids and the owners are (so far) let off with a tap on the wrist. A woman in Texas has a miscarriage and was going to be tried for murder.
  • The Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush to be president in 2000. Bush appointed Alito and Roberts to the Court. The Court repealed contribution laws for political campaigns. Money became huge in politics with a lopsided amount going to the right. They win, then they gerrymander. Balances shift and a minority of the US population has enough seats in congress to stop almost everything.
  • The Republicans make rules out of thin air to stuff the Supreme Court with political hacks. First chance they get BANG! There goes women’s reproductive rights! See why it is so important to vote.
  • Speaking of voting, we will be driving down to our county auditor’s next Wednesday vote early in the primary. I am not telling you what to do, but I for one prefer to vote in person in the auditor’s office. 
  • Democrats have great candidates up and down the ballot from whoever gets to defeat Grassley to Diedre DeJear for governor to Christina Bohannan, Liz Mathis and Cindy Axne for US representatives to all the fine people running for state and local offices. Leadership and competence up and down the line.
  • Meanwhile Republicans up and down the line will have the stench of their abortion banning decision to deal with along with the revelations that their leader tried to end our democracy. Let us hope our new media is up to the task of asking the questions that expose them for what they are.
  • Five sitting Republican congressmembers have been subpoenaed to testify to the January 6th Committee. A highly unusual step, but it was the biggest single act against our government since the Civil War. Here is hoping they will do the right thing and own up to what they did.
  • One of those subpoenaed was Jim Jordan of Ohio. I believe he was in Iowa recently campaigning for Mariannette Miller-Meeks. Nice crowd she hangs with.

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