Little Late For Grassley To Dump Trump

Republican  elected officials often walk to their own beat. Out in Colorado, a Republican county election official gave unfettered access to voting machines to Republican party leaders after the 2020 election. 

Down in Georgia, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina tried to get the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to literally change vote count so that Donald Trump would win the Georgia electoral votes. Now that his role is being investigated by the Fulton County Georgia attorney, Graham is refusing to submit to a subpoena.

Donald Trump himself was also caught trying to interfere with the vote count in Georgia. He has refused to cooperate with the investigation. There are tapes of his attempt to interfere. Trump has also been caught attempting to tamper with witnesses of the January 6th committee hearings . Next week Liz Cheney promised evidence of another attempt to go with an attempt to tamper with witness Cassidy Hutchinson. Witness tampering is a very serious offense.

Republicans across the board are finally waking up to the facts that Trump and his compadres have committed felonies in an attempt to invalidate the 2020 election. Which brings us to Iowa where Republican leaders led by senior senator Chuck Grassley are very slow on the uptake of the realization that Trump will be proven to have led – LED – an attempt to overthrow our democratic form of government.

Here is a message to Grassley – and the other elected Republicans including Randy Feenstra, Ashley Hinson, Marionette Miller-Meeks and Governor Kim Reynolds – the time to abandon Trump and call for real justice was a year and a half ago.

As more and more evidence piles up showing Trump expect elected Republicans to suddenly get religion on the subject of justice. Expect couched announcements calling for justice concerning the insurrection without mentioning their own support/ involvement of Trump.

All they will be doing is highlighting just how craven their decision to throw their lot with Trump was. Where were they when they should have stood up for their country over a con man bent on destroying our form of government? Each and every one chose to back the con man over their country. 

People like this have no business in our government. They can not be counted on to make decisions that are best for the country. They were given a test and they failed miserably. As you go to cast your vote this fall ask yourself if you could trust the above named folks to make good decisions. The answer is clearly “NO!”

Those who you can trust based on their records are Admiral Michael Franken for senator. A man with a distinguished career serving our nation; Liz Mathis a state senator with impeccable credentials in the state senate; Christina Bohannan also with impeccable credentials in the state senate; Cindy Axne in the 3rd district who has a record of putting the country and people first.

Finally we have Diedre DeJear squaring off against Corporate Kim Reynolds. If you slept through the early phases of the pandemic, you may have missed Reynolds decisions to keep factories open even as Iowans died. This won’t happen under DeJear.

One final note to Grassley. As the walls close in on Trump and his enablers that put together the January 6th attempt to overthrow our government, you, Mr. Grassley, still have that troubling tweet that indicated that you, Mr. Grassley, had some foreknowledge of the coming insurrection.

As more and more from Trump’s inner circle seek to save their own butts, most likely you tweet will get closer scrutiny. How will Iowans feel if their senior senator was involved in an effort to overthrow our government?

Grassley chooses Trump over country

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