Who To Endorse?

Should be no surprise. We side with the Democrats!

Most who read this blog will not be at all surprised when I say that we endorse Democrats from Congress to the courthouse this year. While the Republican Party has almost completely morphed into an extreme right wing, authoritarian party with a cult of personality that glorifies a man who is probably the biggest single law-breaker in American history. Only a few real Republicans have had the audacity stand up to Trump and they have been (in what is common in a cult of personality) purged.

The current extreme right Republican Party has few stands on issues. What their leader says is what they do. That is their stand. Their policies are essentially to cut taxes for the rich. That is their answer to everything. The other policy is to end any common good in our society. 

The radical right has let it be known that such common goods as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are on the chopping block. Things like negotiating drug prices, building roads and extending internet connections to rural areas are opposed by the right. Across the nation our public school system is under assault and few are attacking the public school system like the radical right Republicans in Iowa.

Democrats on the other hand are still in the business of building a strong, functioning civilization – the kind of society that helps all citizens and is robust in the time of crisis. Republicans did all they could to destroy our trust in science during the pandemic, and they did all they could to destroy our trust in government at the same time.

Since Biden has been president he has spent most of his time fixing what Trump broke, while Trump has Benn spending time continuing to break our society. In short Democrats are the builders and the fixers that create the environment for us to survive and thrive. Current radical right Republicans are destroyers who have nothing to replace what they destroyed.

Given that as background, it should come as little surprise that we endorse Mike Franken for US Senator, Deidre DeJear for governor, and Democrats Ryan Melton, Cindy Axne, Christina Bohannan and Liz Mathis for US Representatives.

In the past couple of decades Chuck Grassley has become a caricature of the party hack who puts his party first in every case. Admiral Franken rose through the ranks of the military because he put country first. Franken has shown the kind of astute thinking that the country needs. Issues change, the ability to make good decisions is a rare commodity. Franken is that person. Grassley has demonstrated for decades that he is not.

In the Governor’s race all I have to say is that when Iowa needed Reynolds to lead during the pandemic, she was hugely AWOL taking her marching orders from businesses to the detriment of Iowans. She has manipulated the state budget. Her current project is to dismantle Iowa’s once vaunted education system which she will no doubt auction off to the highest bidder to cover future budget chicanery.

Deidre DeJear has shown that she will rebuild Iowa’s school system. She will also bring dignity and work for better pay for Iowa’s long exploited workforce. DeJear will build, Reynolds will continue to destroy.

Iowa’s Republican delegation to the US House has been pathetic. They vote lockstep with leadership. Leadership’s only priority is to make President Biden look bad. What they have done instead is make their party look foolish. They then look even more foolish when they go back to the district and lie to constituents pretending that they voted for things that are bring good jobs and investment into the district.

Miller-Meeks and Hinson have even added a little twist by fakily proposing legislation that poorly mimics what the Democrats passed and then claiming they were for the popular legislation. They are using a couple of the most powerful positions in the country just to play games.

On the other hand, Democratic candidates like Christina Bohannan and Liz Mathis will do actual work in congress. They are builders. Expect them to propose and support legislation that will build our country and strengthen us. 

Cindy Axne has been a real hard worker in congress, scoring many victories for her district. Expect more of the same. 

Ryan Melton in Iowa’s 4th district has been a breath of fresh air with his views on issues. He would be a real great addition to Iowa’s congressional delegation.

At the state level, we have seen what the Republican trifecta has done to Iowa’s infrastructure and stature. Expect it to only get worse. We will soon be scrapping with Mississippi and Alabama for those bottom spots in whatever listing of states that comes along. Electing Democrats to lead the Iowa statehouse would change our trajectory.

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