Thumbing Their Noses At The Law

hobnobbing with criminals?

I will say one thing for the Republican Party – or should I say the Radical Right? They have little respect for the law and they flaunt their disdain for the law daily on our TVs, in our newspapers and in our courtrooms and on the internet media.

As they pontificate on what women must do in their new dystopic world where women’s health is only a passing thought, we see leaders of the radical right doing all they can to make their total lack of respect for the law very evident. 

As I write this, Steve Bannon is trying one maneuver after another to avoid taking responsibility for his refusal to honor a congressional subpoena. At one time congressional subpoenas were among the most sacred things in our system of laws. Tell me when a Democrat last ignored, even laughed at, any subpoena.

Bannon is far from the only one. Mark Meadows the former congress member and chief of staff did the same thing. Rudi Giuliani, Lindsey Graham also defied subpoenas. They just think they are above the law. Sure would be a great world if you could do whatever you want and never have to answer for it.

We now see this filtering down to lower levels especially in police departments. We see the Uvalde Police Department doing all it can to avoid answering questions on their absolutely pathetic performance during the shooting crisis in their elementary school last May. Twenty-one people, including 19 children, were slaughtered as the police refused to do anything. Now they don’t want to answer questions.

On and on it goes. It is not only that the radical right acts as if they do not have to answer questions, it is also that they dispense lies without ever having the media question their veracity or their sources. Like a compliant stenographer the right wing media records the lies and regurgitates them as news without question.

This didn’t begin with the last president but it took off like a fire infused with an accelerant since the last president. The only thing that can stop it is that those who are so dismissive of our laws and systems of justice must be brought to justice and be held responsible for their actions.

Donald Trump tried to overthrow our system of government as president. He is setting up for the next attempt now! THIS IS WRONG FOLKS AND MUST BE PUNISHED! 

If Trump is not held liable it will happen again only worse. As we write this the next attempted overthrow of our government is being planned using lessons gleaned from their first attempt. Lessons of how to game the system to their favors.  

Not only must Trump be held liable and punished, so must his lieutenants and sycophants such as Graham, Giuliani, Meadows and lesser lights like Marjory Taylor Green, Jim Jordon, Peter Navarro and Roger Stone.

As we enter the serious part of the 2022 mid term election the two overriding issues that no one is talking about are climate change (more on that later) and whether our system of government can stand. 

On the last issue, our democracy is on very weak legs right now. It is ready to simply crumble unless it can prove that it is indeed a government of laws and not a government based on cult like leaders. We are now testing that system to see if it will stand.

And here is where you come in: If you believe in democracy in general and our American style Democracy in particular you must simple vote out those who have either enabled the attempt to overthrow our government or who have stood idly by as the overthrow and aftermath ensued.

In Iowa, it has been very clear that Chuck Grassley has acted as an enabler after the fact by supporting the former president. This would be like supporting Jefferson Davis after the Civil War. There is still much question about Grassley’s role during the insurrection. 

Miller-Meeks, Feenstra, Hinson and Reynolds have also proudly shown their loyalty to Donald Trump and not to the country.

Those people must be removed from office. You can do it by voting for Democrats who will support our country. Michael Franken (Senate), Christina Bohannan (1st District), Liz Mathis (2nd district), Cindy Axne (incumbent 3rd district), Ryan Melton (4th district) and Deidre Dejear (governor) are candidates who will put country first.

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