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The Center For Media And Democracy Takes On The Carbon Kings

Make friends with the Center for Media and Democracy because they are the #1 enemy of the Koch brothers and ALEC.   They have an amazing website that you will want to visit –  ALEC Exposed – where you can find … Continue reading

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Ernst Is Another Investment For The Kochs

When I hear political ads or political pundits say things like Joni Ernst is a merely a front for the Kochs or that she is being bankrolled by the Kochs I know what is meant. But I just got to … Continue reading

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Braley-Ernst In The Heat Of Summer

At BFIA we keep calm and help progressive Democrats win elections. Sweet corn is in, first tomatoes are being harvested, and RAGBRAI just finished. We are in the summer doldrums of this midterm election campaign, where the real action is … Continue reading

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The Koch Dealers

the Koch Dealers rivers of white powder are flooding streets of America north to south east to west in the form of rivers of white power funded by Koch Brothers they are the Koch Dealers of white powder in fascist … Continue reading

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Taking The Supreme Court Back

We already know that holding the Senate this November matters. But the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Wednesday underscores just how crucial holding our majority in the Senate is — and how the fate of our democracy could depend on … Continue reading

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Burning Down The House

occupydemocrats.com If you believe the Republican government shutdown is something the leaders of the GOP came up with on a last-minute whim, Rachel Maddow has news for you: the plan for this reckless act of economic obstruction was hashed deep … Continue reading

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Where The Real Damage Gets Done

Charlie Pierce of Esquire magazine wrote a great, short piece on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) last week. I will quote the opening paragraph here and ask that you click on the highlighted link above to read the rest and … Continue reading

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Koch Brothers Now Want To Own America’s Last Great Newspapers For Corporate Propaganda

Please share this action alert from Free Press. As part of their “10-year strategy to expand their corporate power,” the Koch Brothers now want to buy the last remaining real newspapers in America in order to have a “national media … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney And The Koch Brothers

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Iowa's Developing Koch Addiction

CORALVILLE, Iowa– Yesterday, Blog for Iowa reported that there would be a counter protest to the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) event at the Coralville Holiday Inn. Since our party chair wanted to talk to me on another matter, and he … Continue reading

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