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Some Thoughts About The November 3, 2020 Elections

by Ralph Scharnau The November 3 federal elections will stand as one of the most momentous in the nation’s history. Not since the 1960s have voters confronted such an array of issues—coronavirus pandemic, heath care, climate change, police misconduct, street … Continue reading

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How Iowa Pays For Big Money In Politics

Billionaires are drowning out the voices of Iowans.   Iowa Pays the Price supports increasing transparency in campaign finance and accountability for those who break the rules.  Check out IowaPaysThePrice.org  

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Koch Brothers Intend To To Buy Even More Republicans

Some say the Kochs are America’s third party.  But make no mistake,  the money they plan to spend is for the purpose of electing Republicans. According to The New York Times, the Brothers are predicting the cost of buying the … Continue reading

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Why Senate Republicans Voted For Citizens United Debate

Since Al Franken was elected in 2008, he has rarely granted interviews to the national media, reflecting his commitment to be taken seriously as a senator who works for his constituents.   In this rare interview with Lawrence O’Donnell last … Continue reading

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U.S. Senate To Vote Sept. 8 On Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

Note from BFIA:  Sign the petition to get money out of politics.  But don’t just sign the petition. Be sure and contact Senators Harkin and Grassley. CREDO Action On September 8, the Senate is scheduled to vote on a constitutional … Continue reading

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The PAC To Get Money Out Of Politics

A PAC to fight money in politics.  Pledges collected after goal is reached.  This is worth a listen.

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Iowans Will Protest Even Bigger Money In Politics

Des Moines –  Tuesday, October 8th as the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in McCutcheon v. FEC, activists and organizations across a wide spectrum of issues will speak out in support of protecting the integrity of our democracy at a … Continue reading

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Money Never Sleeps

One thing we must realize in the wake of avoiding the major disaster named Romney is that money doesn’t sleep, nor does it take a day off. By that I mean that despite being beaten those who gave major money to … Continue reading

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Why This Election Is So Important

I will be brief this week. I haven’t checked with others in our group of writers, but I am guessing that most will be up to their eyeballs working the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort this weekend. But I … Continue reading

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Broadcasters Political Files Now Available Online

In 2005 a grassroots group, Iowans For Better Local TV,  filed a Petition to Deny relicensure with the FCC against a local Sinclair Broadcasting-owned station, KGAN.  It was an enormous effort involving dozens of volunteers, countless hours of data collection,  … Continue reading

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