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The Koch Dealers

the Koch Dealers rivers of white powder are flooding streets of America north to south east to west in the form of rivers of white power funded by Koch Brothers they are the Koch Dealers of white powder in fascist … Continue reading

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Hoodwinked Bamboozled And Confused

The doobieless dubious dubya brothers Well they arrived on our shores when we were in our snores bored outta our gourds with pitiless lifeless plain of terrain we were forced to accept for existence that was our existential dilemna the … Continue reading

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Good Ol’ Republican Chicanery

Dear Folks, Well, Cris Crisco beat the butterball turkey to a crapshoot down on the boardwalk at Atlantic City while the citizenry was boarded up and blown away by DEVASTATING Hurricane Sandy, using shady backroom armtwisting, blackmailing and stonewalling of … Continue reading

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On The Night Before Christmas… Here Comes Monsanto Claus!

Monsanto Claus by John Shumaker Well the elves are busy working all day making toys so kids can play and down in St Louis they rolled back the curtain on the window display to reveal a different kinda Santa yep … Continue reading

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Lizard Crimson

lizard crimson my parole officer will be so proud of me sittin under mt Trashmore sippin lattes doin the macirena with all the political whores runnin for president in the iowa caucuses ah yes, they’re called the iowa cauci in … Continue reading

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Gathering Heart Celebration Of Peace

Dear Folks, Happy 11:11 In this Day of TRUE PEACE Observance May Peace Lay Gentle upon Your Heart and Mind, May we hold in our Heart those victims of War, May we Hold in our Heart Veterans of All wars, … Continue reading

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World Premiere Of “Kind,True And Necessary” Tonight In Cedar Rapids

Dear Folks, Happy October, Brisk Autumn Colors, Hope they are Brightening and filling every fibre of your Being, A Time to celebrate a time to Gather, Our film will put a smile upon your Face and the face of your … Continue reading

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Iowa Peace Walk with Kathy Kelley, Maya Evans

Dear Folks, Happy September, Hope your Summer has been one of Reflection on the Loving Presence in our lives of Friends, Loved Ones and Colleagues, Pause for a moment and Reflect on the love Presence they fill our lives with, … Continue reading

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The (five o’clock) Shadow KNOWS

Dear Folks, There is a terrible, unmistakeable irony here. Wednesday, Aug. 21, will be last release of Nixon’s secretly recorded white house tapes (from irony of ironies nixon library in yorba linda california) AND sentencing of Bradley Manning in suspicious … Continue reading

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The Oboist

The Oboist Oboe in an octave of eight August is month eight nothing august about eight nine forty five August ninth nineteen forty five on that day the United States incinerated a totally civilian population of Nagasaki roasted them alive … Continue reading

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