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Coming Attractions And Poetry For Sunday

Called an executive meeting with myself on the status of the quiz for New Year’s weekend. The quizmaster decided he wanted to take yet another weekend off. Not wanting to make him mad, an executive decision was made to give … Continue reading

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The Koch Dealers

the Koch Dealers rivers of white powder are flooding streets of America north to south east to west in the form of rivers of white power funded by Koch Brothers they are the Koch Dealers of white powder in fascist … Continue reading

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The Oboist

The Oboist Oboe in an octave of eight August is month eight nothing august about eight nine forty five August ninth nineteen forty five on that day the United States incinerated a totally civilian population of Nagasaki roasted them alive … Continue reading

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The Cellist

We are entering a time warp it’s August sixth We are now time travelling runneling throuth tunnels of time Until we arrive at that terrible day August Sixth, nineteen forty five bombing a complete civilian population into oblivion people who … Continue reading

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I Am Bradley Manning

I Am Bradley Manning the whole U. S. Calvary is after me they’re treating me like Crazy Horse Red Cloud Sitting Bull all ROLLED into one They got geronimo down in Gitmo sayin Hell NO! I won’t go to your … Continue reading

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