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Hubbell Promises To Restore Medicaid. Thank You!

  As many have read we have been navigating the health care system with an elderly relative for the past couple of months. What we have found has been very problematic. You can find my most recent post on this … Continue reading

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Dismantling Healthcare In The US

As I wrote last week we have been deeply involved in the health care system as an elderly relative seems to be entering the latter stages of life.  What a goddamned mess. It is so hard to believe that Americans … Continue reading

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Iowa’s Medicaid Is So Screwed Up

Iowa’s Medicaid system has been going downhill since the day former Iowa Emperor Branstad declared that private companies would be allowed to start pecking slowly at the body in an effort to kill it. He said this would save it. … Continue reading

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And Now The Bad News: Iowa Legislature Returns

Winter winds blow chillin’ cold. What blows even colder is the hearts of Iowa’s Republican Party. Next week they start part two of emptying out the state coffers – filled by taxes from you and I –  and handing it … Continue reading

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Branstad  Leaves Reynolds Holding The Bag 

In what had to be one of the great escapes in recent political history in this state, Terry Branstad royally screwed things up and then left for the relative quiet of China. Branstad has made a very successful career of … Continue reading

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Branstad’s Legacy

Looks like Governor-For-Life Terry Branstad will soon be leaving us on that slow boat to China. Who cares how he gets there as long as he leaves. As he begins to leave we can look back briefly on what shape … Continue reading

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Will Republicans Hide Because Of Healthcare?

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers drowned out by chants of “Save Our Healthcare” at MLK Day Rally Remember last year shortly after Antonin Scalia died and Chuck Grassley reinterpreted the constitution to read that he, as chair of the Judiciary Committee, … Continue reading

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Iowa Needs State Senators Brase And Courtney Returned

Don’t Forget Those State Races When You Vote! You can vote early now, so let’s get it done! Don’t forget that much of the impetus for the downgrading of American lifestyles has come from politicians not at the national level, … Continue reading

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Iowa Senate Democrats Hold Hearings On Medicaid Mess

Who can forget what a huge hurry Gov. Branstad was in to turn Medicaid administration over to privatized companies last summer and fall despite warnings that the companies were in no way ready. He couldn’t wait to hand out taxpayer … Continue reading

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Board Of Regents Mess Typical For Branstad Administration

For the second time in two years one of Iowa’s major universities is looking for a new president. After last year’s fiasco in the hiring of businessman Bruce Herrald to head the University of Iowa three Democratic state senators have … Continue reading

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