Thank You, Mr. Kaufmann

bills passed by dem house 2019

An example of work for the people of this country that Democrats have passed in the House that has been blocked in the senate

This one had almost passed me by:  

October 14th:

Iowa Republicans are questioning the impeachment hearings against President Trump. On Monday, GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann led a group of protesters in Cedar Rapids demanding an end to the inquiry.

About a dozen Republicans rallied outside the office of Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer.

They say she should follow the will of Iowa voters and not those of high ranking Democrats. That is, even though she doesn’t sit on any of the committees looking into actions of President Trump.

“This was a district that was won by Donald Trump. This is a district where if you look at what the polling states, that does not believe that this particular impeachment…is necessary. So in this particular case, we are questioning who is Abby’s boss,” Kaufmann said.

In a statement to CBS2/ Fox 28 news, Finkenhauer says she respects all Iowans’ voices and her top priorities are elevating Iowan’s and their concerns, but she must also uphold the Constitution and her oath of office to protect and defend our democracy.”

Staging a demonstration showing unquestioning loyalty to a president who admittedly broke the law by actively seeking something of value (supplying dirt on an opponent) for his campaign from a foreign government is against the law. That is illegal by itself without throwing in the quid pro quo of withholding funds already appropriated by Congress from that government in the Ukraine until the president got what he wanted. 

Supporting a president who flaunts the law like that would, I hope, in the very near future become toxic as testimony is given publicly in the impeachment inquiry phase. While supporting a president who has little regard for our (that means us and our country’s) laws becomes toxic, standing up for the constitution and the laws of our country should make Finkenauer shine for her patriotism.

On one hand the leader of the Republican Party in Iowa is standing for an individual and a party over the country. On the other hand Congressmember Finkenauer is standing for the constitution and our laws as the ultimate measure to be reckoned with.

I believe all good Iowans will understand this when the stories of what this president has been doing to subvert our country. He has already proudly in front of cameras bragged about trying to extort Ukraine’s president before lying that he didn’t, even though the transcript of the phone conversation supports the extortion story.

Following that the president openly called on China to make up some dirt on former VP Biden. This was also in open defiance of the law. All of this just on the Ukraine matter. We aren’t even talking about the many other crimes and misdemeanors the president has committed in his 2.75 years in office. Hard to believe someone would proudly back an administration that throws babies in cages, that obstructs justice at every turn, that actively seeks to take healthcare from our own citizens and that still refuses to abide by the emoluments clause of the constitution while turning his presidency into a major cash cow.

So keep protesting, Mr. Kaufmann. Your protest only serve to highlight the good and honorable job that Ms. Finkenauer is doing. It also highlights that there will be times when a member of congress will have to follow the constitution for the sake of our country. Your protests once again shines the light on Finkenauer’s choice to follow her oath of office to uphold the constitution. 

And by the way, who started a trade war that has put Iowa’s farmers in deep financial straits? Wasn’t that the same person who signed off on allowing oil companies to quit blending ethanol into their gas? While not impeachable errors those two decisions have hurt Iowa badly.

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