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Smirking Joni: Overturning The American Revolution

ERNST: "IA caucuses are this next Monday evening. And I'm really interested to see how this discussion today informs and influences the Iowa caucus voters, those Demcaucus goers. Will they be supporting VP Biden at this point?" H/T @JaxAlemany pic.twitter.com/tYYkSPuIDY … Continue reading

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Republican Senate Leadership Imposes New Press Restrictions For Trump Impeachment Trial

npr.org/new-restrictions This is getting little attention in the media. Trump and the Republican controlled Senate appear to be in full cover-up mode attempting to quash the free press, one of the pillars of Democracy. “Reporters are being confined to small … Continue reading

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Is Democracy Sustainable When Paid Ads Replace Journalism?

  VOX: “President Donald Trump is angry about impeachment and he wants his supporters to be, too — and he’s spending millions of dollars to make that happen.” Action alert from Indivisible. Click here to join Indivisible Iowa. The GOP … Continue reading

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Ukraine Explained: Why Impeachment Is So Important

Watch this five-minute comprehensive explanation of the Trump Ukraine scandal going back to Ukraine’s popular uprising resulting in Ukraine citizens electing a new government without ties to Putin. “Trump didn’t pick Ukraine randomly. He knew he had huge leverage over … Continue reading

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Joni Ernst On Indivisible’s 13 Key Senators List

This just in: this week, we’re launching a massive digital ad campaign to pressure key Republican Senators on impeachment. It’s the Senate’s job to hold a fair and transparent impeachment trial. But the GOP has shown us they’re not interested … Continue reading

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Now Is The Time To Join The #TrumpResistance

If you haven’t yet, you can join Indivisible Iowa by clicking on this link.  Every state and congressional district has an Indivisible group. Find Indivisible Iowa on Facebook and Twitter. Indivisible is the front line of the #trumpresistance.  ### Action … Continue reading

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