Is Democracy Sustainable When Paid Ads Replace Journalism?


VOX: “President Donald Trump is angry about impeachment and he wants his supporters to be, too — and he’s spending millions of dollars to make that happen.”

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The GOP is going all in to shield their president from the consequences of breaking the law. And if we don’t respond now, they’re going to succeed.

According to the New York Times, Trump has spent roughly 8 million dollars on digital and TV ads. On top of that, the Republican National Committee (RNC) says they’ve spent another $2.3 million. And here’s the kicker: Just yesterday, Politico broke that the American Action Network, a Republican advocacy group, is launching a $7 million anti-impeachment advertising blitz in 37 congressional districts.

Us? Here’s the truth: We want to fight back, but we’re 80% behind our fundraising goal for this month. Right now, we don’t have the money to keep up.

The GOP will do literally anything to protect Trump, but if we can’t keep pace with their spending, they will beat us.  Chip in $10 TONIGHT to fund ads, calls and more to impeach Trump and push forward our progressive agenda:

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We’re doing everything in our power to push impeachment forward, from running massive ad buys to making calls to making our literal own news show (the Impeachment Daily) to keep you up to date. But none of that matters if we can’t fund it. Donate now — we’re counting on you.

– Indivisible Impeachment Team

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