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Fox Propaganda Plants Pro-Death Ideas

If this isn’t propaganda, I don’t know what is. Watch Fox News repeatedly planting the idea that you may want to sacrifice your life for…. for what exactly?  Trump’s America?

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ABC And Sinclair Affiliates Target Of Grassroots Media Action

Media action alert from Free Press: During the Democratic presidential debate on Thursday, ABC stations — including those owned by notorious right-wing broadcaster Sinclair — ran a racist ad targeting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A powerful woman of color, Ocasio-Cortez is … Continue reading

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Why Should Iowans Believe Anything Boris Epshteyn Says?

Contact your local stations if you have seen this propaganda on your station. Join this Facebook group:  Hogwash! Fighting the Iowa Rightwing Propaganda Machine Here is the list of Iowa Sinclair-owned stations. KDSM (Des Moines), KFAX (Iowa City/Dubuque), KPTH and … Continue reading

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Should Democrats Appear On Fox?

Trevor Noah makes a good case, but would the female and minority candidates have gotten the same friendly treatment as Bernie and Pete did? I have taken the position that I would be okay with a Democratic candidate doing a … Continue reading

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Iowa Republicans Still Blindly Following Trump

“Roughly 44 percent of voters nationwide approve of Trump’s job performance and 51 percent disapprove, according to Real Clear Politics’ average of national polls…Those numbers were the same found in Iowa, according to an Iowa Poll published in February in … Continue reading

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Why The Country Is In Dire Straits

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How The GOP Went Crazy

Excerpts from a long but must-read article by By Kurt Andersen for Slate  It wasn’t until the age of right-wing talk radio and Fox News and Breitbart that the Establishment lost control, as crackpot habits of mind achieved dominance. An … Continue reading

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What Fox Viewers See Day In, Day Out

What Fox News [Entertainment, as it states on their license] viewers saw day in, day out last June, the same month Trump threatened to fire Mueller.  

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How Do Republicans Get Away With The Lying?

 Their strategy is based entirely on lies. Forty per cent of Americans are believing the lies. How can this be?  The right wing eco-system, including radio, helps Republicans get away with lying. We’re not the only ones saying it.  List … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Leader Of Right Wing Cult

Rush Limbaugh is still broadcast on these Iowa commercial stations.   WOC Quad Cities, WHO Des Moines, KSJC Sioux City, WMT Cedar Rapids KILR Estherville, KGLO Mason City, WDBQ Dubuque.   If you live in one of these broadcast areas, contact your … Continue reading

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