Why Should Iowans Believe Anything Boris Epshteyn Says?

Contact your local stations if you have seen this propaganda on your station.

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Here is the list of Iowa Sinclair-owned stations.

KDSM (Des Moines), KFAX (Iowa City/Dubuque), KPTH and KMEG (Sioux City), KTVO (Ottumwa) and KGAN (Waterloo).

This week in the Media Matters for America newsletter:

This week, Sinclair Broadcast Group forced its local news stations to air what amounts to an unofficial ad for the Trump 2020 presidential campaign.

The segment itself featured Boris Epshteyn, one of two commentators the company currently employs. Epshteyn worked on the 2016 Trump campaign and may have signed a nondisparagement agreement that could prevent him from criticizing the president. Epshteyn’s support of the president is well-known and this week’s must-run segment could have easily been produced by the campaign itself.

Media Matters‘ Pam Vogel unpacked the significance of packages like this: Sinclair’s programming decisions and executive leadership tilted strongly in favor of the Trump campaign in 2016, and the close connections between the Trump administration and the broadcasting company have seemingly only strengthened in the time since. The president himself, along with numerous cabinet members and other individuals circulating in his inner circle, have made appearances on Sinclair programming … Sinclair’s past election efforts are particularly notable because the nearly 200 stations it owns or operates are mostly concentrated in mid-sized cities and battleground states.”

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