Media Reform Should Be The First Priority Of 2021

Former FCC Commissioner Nicholas Johnson

In 2021 if you consider yourself a media reform activist and you don’t know who Nicholas Johnson is, now would be the time to familiarize yourself with his work.  Watch this video in its entirety and you will be armed with a better understanding going forward into 2021 and beyond how the mass media, owned by corporations, controls most of the information we receive and prevents citizens from knowing what is really going on.

This lecture from 1971, while Johnson was an FCC Commissioner, is every bit as relevant now as then. You will enjoy quite a bit of biting sarcasm and humor as your consciousness is raised about how the media affects our thinking without us really knowing it, how the truth is censored and what we can do about it. Check out his YouTube channel and blog FromDC2Iowa.

Enjoy and Happy New Year from Blog for Iowa!

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1 Response to Media Reform Should Be The First Priority Of 2021

  1. Trish Nelson says:

    We received this comment from Nick Johnson via email. “Trish, thank you so much for posting this; I am flattered you would do so.There was not a copy to be found at either Iowa Public Television (the predecessor of which videotaped and broadcast the talk) or in Grinnell’s archives. When we got into my UI Archives to listen/watch some of the audio tapes, videos and films this one had to be transferred into a format modern tech could read and turned out to be what you’ve posted. For any who care, I think it presents a good example of one of my major themes at that time as well as my somewhat unique presentation style (for a federal official). Many of the ideas and examples found their way into my second book as an FCC commissioner, Test Pattern for Living ( ). I am so grateful to you for the attention you continue to bring to the urgent need for media monitoring and reform, and for the service provided by Blog for Iowa. — Nicholas Johnson, Jan 5, 2021″


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