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Grassley: Fox News Falling Down On The Job

In case there is any doubt that Fox News exists as a propaganda network to support Republicans, specifically Donald Trump, Grassley just put his foot in it so if you don’t know, now you know. https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/politics/2020/06/29/grassley-fox-news-trump-second-term-agenda-question/3282986001/ WASHINGTON – Senator Chuck … Continue reading

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Why Should Iowans Believe Anything Boris Epshteyn Says?

Contact your local stations if you have seen this propaganda on your station. Join this Facebook group:  Hogwash! Fighting the Iowa Rightwing Propaganda Machine Here is the list of Iowa Sinclair-owned stations. KDSM (Des Moines), KFAX (Iowa City/Dubuque), KPTH and … Continue reading

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Join The Fox Boycott

Tell Advertisers Drop Fox https://petitions.moveon.org/sign/tell-advertisers-drop Background Right now, companies that do business with Fox News are financially supporting bigotry, dangerous lies, and harmful conspiracy theories. Since the network is a propaganda operation, these companies are also financially supporting and enabling … Continue reading

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Fight Sinclair Broadcasting In Iowa – Call Your Local Car Dealerships!

Action alert by DU – democraticunderground.com/ “I’ve worked in various forms of broadcast media. Trust me you want to hit Sinclair stations? Go after one major business category on the local level. Car dealerships. They spend the vast majority, sometimes … Continue reading

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How Sinclair Is Using Local News To Terrorize America

These are your local Sinclair stations in Iowa –  KGAN/KFXA Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Dubuque-Iowa City, KDSM-TV Des Moines,  KPTH Sioux City and KTVO Ottumwa-Kirksville, MO.   Find out more about Iowa and Sinclair here  here  here. mediamatters.org/ Local news giant Sinclair Broadcast Group … Continue reading

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Sinclair-Tribune Merger Can Still Be Stopped

DemandProgress.org FCC Chair Ajit Pai is rolling out the red carpet for Sinclair to become the largest owner of TV stations in America, reaching 72% of the country. That’s why we’ve called on the FCC Inspector General to investigate Pai’s … Continue reading

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FCC Asks for More Public Comments on Sinclair-Tribune Merger

Everyone should go to freepress.net, sign up for emails and complete the contact form to the FCC opposing the Sinclair-Tribune merger. They have filed a Petition to Deny the merger with the FCC. You can still send a comment directly … Continue reading

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Say No To Trump TV

Action alert from FreePress Donald Trump’s favorite local-TV chain is about to get a lot bigger thanks to … Donald Trump! Trump’s FCC is paving the way for Sinclair Broadcast Group — already the nation’s largest TV conglomerate — to … Continue reading

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Boycott Trump TV

I am not the only one who has been saying all along that Donald Trump – now  president-elect pussygrabberinchief, (PGOTUS) – is just a media creation. Donald  provided cable news readily available, inexpensive to produce, sensational content, so we now … Continue reading

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