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Corporate Media Ignores Violent Far Right

“Corporate media outlets just aren’t that interested in reporting on the violent far right — even when their crimes are international news.” by Jim Naurecka Otherwords.org Shortly before the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” vote, the shocking murder of Jo Cox — … Continue reading

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Why Citizen Journalism Is Our Last Best Hope

“News journalism is no longer capable of being a watch dog for Democracy.” – Helen Thomas “Info-tainment gibberish specialists have replaced serious journalists. Citizen journalism is our last, best hope.”  – Mike Papantonio Watch this. Learn something.

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Is This The Party Of Eisenhower?

Just What Is Radical Today? The right wing press in this country uses every opportunity to call candidates such as Bernie Sanders “radical.” If you understand the concept of being radical as something or someone who deviates dramatically from a … Continue reading

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Perfecting The Propaganda State Through Dollarocracy

“America has two problems. Money and media.”  – Randi Rhodes Here’s a note from Bob McChesney To the wealthy, campaign contributions are not civic donations, they are investments. As a consequence, the USA now has a level of corruption closer … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Schools The Media Again

Bernie should not be the only candidate confronting the corporate media. After asking reporters to stay on topic, someone shouted a question about ISIS. Watch Bernie’s response.  

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6 Problems With Mainstream (Corporate) Media

Please like and share. Summary: (1) Mouthpieces for the establishment; (2) Repetition; (3) Context (lack of); (4) Character assassination; (5) Concision (sound bytes only!); (6) False balance (trying to appear balanced, giving equal, undeserved exposure to arguments not backed by … Continue reading

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If You Love The Internet And You Vote, Read This

Last Thursday, Blog for Iowa attended a workshop sponsored by Freepress and American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) on the future of the internet and the 2016 presidential campaign.  It was a fun evening of information-sharing and preparing to take action.  … Continue reading

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Concentrated Press Feeding Operation

The corporate media deserves criticism. Occasionally they redeem themselves, as in Margie Mason’s coverage of slavery on Indonesian fishing boats for Associated Press, but mostly its people produce hack work and appear to do what they must to get through … Continue reading

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Seafood For Thought

The silence on the story of human trafficking connected with slavery in the seafood industry is deafening. Margie Mason of the Associated Press reported Tuesday that Indonesian police arrested seven suspects in an ongoing case. “Five Thai boat captains and … Continue reading

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How The Corporate Media Kills Progressive Candidates

I’ve been involved in the media reform movement since 2004.   One thing I have been writing about lately is how the national corporate media make up narratives and frames to control how we think about candidates and issues.  For example, … Continue reading

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