Quick Hits – Black Friday Protest Walmart

bill maher on low wagesFrom what I understand there will be an action at the Iowa City Walmart on Hwy. 1 west at noon on Nov. 29. If you can take an hour or two to support these brave folk in their struggle for fair pay and decent benefits. What Walmart does to its own employees is a crying shame. You must realize that when they screw their employees they are passing the cost of their employees ability to live on to you and I. It is you and I who must subsidize their food and healthcare because Walmart refuses to pay living wages.

The big trend with retailers is to stay open on Thanksgiving this year. This will give people like the 4 Walton children, who already have as much money as the bottom 125,000,000 Americans, a little wealthier while they force workers to work on a national holiday at poverty wages. As their workers get poorer, the Waltons get richer because the money they don’t pay their employees which we subsidize ends up in the Walton children’s pockets.

Liz Cheney
Is her real name Lizard? Holy cow, this woman is a disaster. It appears she has even lost Mom and Dad’s vote by saying her gay sister is wrong, wrong, wrong. But don’t forget she is probably one of the most politically correct tea baggers out there. I would like to be a fly on the wall at the Cheney family Christmas. However, maybe it won’t be as much fun as I would hope. Daughter Mary and wife have decided to do Christmas elsewhere. And Dad may ask her to go out hunting with him.

Look Like Something From Today?
This looks like some of the crap the right is floating about Obama today.
Posted around Dallas before his fateful trip.

posted in Dallas - Nov. 22,1963

posted in Dallas – Nov. 22,1963

Do Not Forget SNAP
As you gather family and friends together this year, remember that the poor in this country have had a huge cut in their food budget courtesy of congress. America has more than enough for all, yet millions have nothing while a few have more than any kings or emperors of yore.


Finally For Today
Despite the fact that insurance companies had years to prepare for the ACA, they did nothing to remove the junk policies they knew would be a problem. They also gave assurances in the beginning that they would work to implement the ACA since it would bring them millions of new and paying customers.


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