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Walmart, Work and Value

The consensus in social media was Walmart’s substantial stock decline on Wednesday – in advance of lower earnings projections – couldn’t have happened to a better group of jerks. The jerks are the five individuals and groups who together own … Continue reading

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It's Not About Minimum Wage

Two bits of news related to minimum wage emerged last week, and neither of them represents a solution for low wage workers. The Iowa Legislature advanced Senate Study Bill 1151 from a subcommittee to increase the minimum wage to $8.75 … Continue reading

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Too Poor To Shop At WalMart?

An internal memo that a Walmart VP sent out became public a couple weeks ago. In it a vice-president of Walmart made the observation that shoppers and purchases were off to the slowest year start in over seven years. Of course … Continue reading

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Republican View: Obama Didn’t Win

Nope. Looks like that win Obama claims may be up to dispute. Seems he actually came in second to last in the presidential race. Even their man, Mitt Romney, came in a close second. For 2013: No More Romney I hope … Continue reading

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What Iowans Should Know About Walmart, Medicaid and Branstad

One issue that was almost totally ignored in the recent Iowa legislative was Gov. Branstad’s vow to not accept expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Personally I thought that it should be a central issue, but trying to bring the … Continue reading

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Is Branstad For Real?

Governor for Life Terry Branstad called the ACA “disastrous” and in the same breath said Iowans should strive to be the healthiest state in America. I am guessing he would also like the fastest car, without having to use any fuel. … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday – WalMart is 50!

Say what you want about Walmart, I doubt if any of your or my naysaying will have much effect on them. We really haven’t slowed them down much, nor have they changed even one policy. I have a continuing nightmare that … Continue reading

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