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“A Danger Like Our Republic Has Never Seen”

Liz Cheney calls out former president at the Reagan Library. Gets a standing ovation (4 minutes) The Republican Party is unraveling. Like everything else the former president touched his party is about to go up in flames. They will be … Continue reading

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Voice Vote Hides Cowardice

We Need To Know How Our Representative Stands – For or Against The Big Lie? Wednesday morning The Republican Party made a show of one of the biggest acts of cowardice this democracy has seen in a long while. In … Continue reading

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Quick Hits – Black Friday Protest Walmart

From what I understand there will be an action at the Iowa City Walmart on Hwy. 1 west at noon on Nov. 29. If you can take an hour or two to support these brave folk in their struggle for … Continue reading

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The Relative Who Wouldn’t Leave

Most of us have experience with a relative who has come to visit, then way overstayed their welcome. Either through the mooching or using the car too much or drinking your personal stash of liquor, the relative’s little habits eventually … Continue reading

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