Walmart Protest In Iowa City.

Walmart protest Iowa City

Walmart protest Iowa City

Protesters gathered at the turn off to Walmart from Hwy. 1 in south Iowa City yesterday. They held signs to passing motorists and got many approving thumbs up and honks. One young man told one protester to go back to Russia. He was informed Russia does not allow protests.

They began with an informational protest in front of the store. Police then had them move. When they stood near the car wash on the same lot, the owner of the car wash had the police move them. The protesters then positioned themselves at the entrance and the police sat in a squad car in the Walmart parking lot.

Thank you to those who joined in to make the Black Friday protest against Walmart’s wage and benefit policy a success. Remember that Walmart is using multiple government tax breaks and using government subsidies to keep their workers going. In other words we are paying Walmart a lot of money to come in and drive our small businesses out.

Walmart is plenty rich enough to pay their workers living wages and decent benefits.

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  1. Jake says:

    Dear Mr. Bradley,

    I’m Jake McCulley and I’m a reporter in the Daily Iowan. I’m interested in doing a story about this protest. Could you get me in touch with the person who organized the event?

    Jake McCulley


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