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just curious

just curious

Internet Neutrality appears to be dead. If you want to know what that will mean in practical terms, I have been told to look at our current wasteland of a cable and satellite TV system. I suppose you could add in radio throughout the country. As one observer noted (wish I could remember who it was) “Our news media covers the spectrum from right wing to very right wing.”

If you look around the cable system or the radio spectrum we see very little that one could say lies on the left side of the spectrum. MSNBC in the evening starting with Ed Schultz comes first to mind. I would not include Chris Matthews in there. Then there is Free Speech TV on DISH and Directtv and a few cable systems. DemocracyNow is carried on FSTV and many radio stations across the country. On the radio side, what little was left wing radio has been closed down by the owners of the stations, Clear Channel Radio and Cumulus Radio. There are but a few left wing stations left even though they delivered the numbers. NPR has long since been co-opted and tries to stay non-controversial and out of the light.

So for the most part we have few, mostly marginalized, left wing outlets on TV and radio spectrum. Expect that ASAP on the internet unless the FCC stands up and says STOP! If you have never stepped up to write a letter, write one now. or better yet call FCC Chair Tom Wheeler and tell him that America needs to have an internet that is not just one more purveyor of the corporate line. We need an open internet. It is our last lifeline to our heritage of a free press.

Contact Tom Wheeler:
FCC Phone: 1-888-225-5322

Branstad: Proving The Adage About Crazy

If you say something that is wrong once it is a lie; if you say it over and over again hoping it will come true is the definition of crazy. Terry Branstad wants you to know that he continues to drastically inflate employment numbers because he really wants them to be true. Truth be told, Terry, Iowa is not even getting their fair share of jobs that have been created in the recovery. Pretty hard to screw that one up, but by golly Terry did it! (8 million new jobs in the country * 1% (Iowa share of population) = 80,000. Branstad actual new jobs = 54,000. That is 67.5% of where he should be.)

Legislators Unknowingly Signed Up To ALEC.

Well it looks as though Democrats in the Iowa House may have been signed up as members of ALEC without being told and after demanding they not be. My guess is this was meant to defuse ALEC as a campaign issue. I can only hope that each and every democrat goes after each and every Republican legislator as the puppet of a group outside of Iowa this fall. After all, if they are a voluntary member of ALEC, they have given their vote away to ALEC.

NLRB Charges Walmart.
Well it is about time. Walmart has been charged with labor violations including illegally firing or disciplining employees who took part in legal protest.

One thing that really, really irks me about Walmart, McDonald’s, Target and their ilk is that taxpayers make up the difference between their low wages and what their employees need to live through SNAP and Medicaid and other programs. I would think that could be easily calculated over the years and Walmart et alia presented with a bill. Remember what they did not pay to their employees trickled up to the top where the Walton clan claims more wealth than nearly 1/2 of America. They were literally stealing the life from their employees.

Senator Bernie Sanders has long been a critic of Walmart and the Walton family. At a panel discussion on this topic Thursday Sanders challenged Walmart defenders:
“The Walton family is the wealthiest family in America,” Sanders said. “Does anybody on the panel think that they need significant welfare help? And yet it turns out that they are the largest recipient of welfare in America.”

He accused the retailer of paying its employees “starvation wages,” which in turn forced working families into taxpayer-funded social welfare programs to help pay for their medical care, food and housing.

“Do you think the Walton family, worth a hundred billion dollars, is in need of welfare from the middle class of this country, or do you think maybe we should raise the minimum wage so that those workers can earn a living wage and not have to get Medicaid or food stamps?” Sanders asked the panel.

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