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Bullying The Poor And The Weak

Most of us woke up to the news that once more the poor had benefits cut. Since they have few advocates anywhere in our governmental system this is hardly a surprise. As a group the poor are beat up day … Continue reading

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“Workers Don’t Deserve A Living Wage”

Last weekend as I spoke with various people, I asked them to be sure to support the fast food workers strike last Thursday. Several times I heard the comment that “They don’t deserve more money.” My mouth literally dropped open. I … Continue reading

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ALEC Legislatures: Creating The Crises

Republicans have lots of solutions. What they were short on for the longest time – until the Reagan presidency – was problems that those solutions could answer. One of their favorite solutions was privatized schools. But until Republicans were able to … Continue reading

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Short Thoughts On A Saturday Morning.

One of our daughters lives in Mississippi. This is of course one of the states that would rather watch a woman die than to let her have a needed medical procedure if it was called for. It scares the hell out … Continue reading

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Working For Food Stamps?

If Republicans can force people to work for food stamps why can’t we just create jobs for those in poverty? We did that once before and it worked well. There is plenty of work that needs to be done and would … Continue reading

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