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What Newspaper Believes People Are More Important Than Corporations?

http://progressivepopulist.blogspot.com/ THE PROGRESSIVE POPULIST, a newspaper that believes people are more important than corporations, premiered in November 1995 as a monthly tabloid publication based in Storm Lake, Iowa, with editorial offices in Austin, Texas. In October 1999 it expanded to … Continue reading

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Which Head Puppet Will The Republicans Choose?

What are the Republicans choosing? All the hoo and hah over just who the Republican nominee will be clouds one main point about their anointed one: whomsoever the choice, that person is merely head puppet for the ruling 1%. I … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street = Love

[by David Van Thournout] After more than ten years of working on front end web development and playing around with html, css, and various other computer languages I had the opportunity to work on a software development project with a … Continue reading

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Occupy Iowa City Walk To The Pentacrest

Occupy Iowa City held an action Saturday (see Saturday’s BFIA post), a march from College Green Park to the ped mall (Black Hawk Mini Park) where there were speeches and a presentation by four corporate pigs defending the 1%.  The … Continue reading

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Ruse Fails: Occupy Wall Street Wins Another Round

Thanks to Scott Walker, these protestors would not be fooled again, and instead of leaving, called for reinforcements and held their ground.    The movement will live to fight another day to save the country from complete corporate takeover.  And thanks … Continue reading

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Come Take A Stand

let’s take a stand this is corporate America’s worst nightmare let’s take a stand come take my hand come I’ll take your hand and we’ll take a stand all those excluded all those voiceless all those overtaxed all those overburdened … Continue reading

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