The Occupy Movement may not be dead after all. Out in California an organization called 99Rise has been involved in a march from Los Angeles to the state capitol in Sacramento. Their purpose is to occupy the capitol building with a demand that money be removed from politics. They are due to arrive at the capitol Sunday June 22. I am sure this is an event that will be covered by no one in the corporate media, so for most of us it will go by unnoticed.

However, they have picked up quite a following on the internet. In doing this they highlight two entities that the right wing in this country fear the most because they are two things that they can’t control. One is an open internet. For the right wing an open internet is a swamp where nasty things like ideas about government for the people grow. The other is the Occupy Movement itself. Without leaders to co-opt or isolate they were unable to crush the Movement. There is a fear that people organizing in a mass movement scares the bejeezus out of the rich. And an open internet is integral to that happening. We saw what it did in the Middle-East.

We wish those in 99Rise the greatest success. May you folks be the vanguard of what is to come.

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