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Is The Occupy Wall Street Movement Reshaping The Political Landscape?

by Ralph Scharnau The protest movement that began in Tunisia in January has spread to Egypt, Libya, and Syria; Spain, Greece, and Italy; and Chile, Israel, and China.  The global protest reached the United States on September 17, 2011, bursting … Continue reading

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Which Head Puppet Will The Republicans Choose?

What are the Republicans choosing? All the hoo and hah over just who the Republican nominee will be clouds one main point about their anointed one: whomsoever the choice, that person is merely head puppet for the ruling 1%. I … Continue reading

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Occupy Iowa Statewide General Assembly

Occupy Iowa held its first statewide general assembly (GA) in Cedar Rapids this afternoon. In attendance were delegations from Occupy Iowa groups in Des Moines, Iowa City, Grinnell, Waterloo-Cedar Falls, the Quad Cities and Dubuque. When the GA convened at … Continue reading

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George Lakoff: It’s Time To Occupy Elections

We’re big fans of George Lakoff.  Author of several books including The Political Mind and the now classic,  “Don’t Think Of An Elephant: Know Your Values And Frame The Debate”; a Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the UC Berkeley;  … Continue reading

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What Should Be The Next Step For The 99%?

They can take away the tarps and the tents. They can arrest peaceful protesters and shut down the occupations. But they can’t stop Occupy Wall Street and the 99% movement. In recent days, cities and politicians acting on behalf of … Continue reading

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Iowans Living in the 99 Percent

During a Saturday afternoon discussion with my mother and sister we ran the stack, using the Occupy Wall Street technique for managing the order of speakers. We each agreed tacitly to the process as reflected by the civil tone and … Continue reading

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Creating and Saving Jobs: A National Emergency

by Ralph Scharnau We live in a dual economy.  On one hand, corporate profits are high, corporate cash holdings are soaring, and income gains are proliferating for the rich.  On the other, the working and middle classes experience weak job … Continue reading

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Occupy Des Moines Opposes Shut Down Of Iowa Caucuses

submitted by Ed Fallon A radical group called Anonymous, who I know little about, are trying to piggy back Occupy Des Moines and have called for shutting down the caucuses on January 3rd. Occupy Des Moines is emphatically against that. … Continue reading

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Walker And Cronies Forced To Listen To 99%

I watched this and thought about how often the 99% is forced to listen to the right-wing propaganda machine… Enjoy this powerful video of Walker and his rich pals having to endure the message of the 99%. If the 99% … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street = Love

[by David Van Thournout] After more than ten years of working on front end web development and playing around with html, css, and various other computer languages I had the opportunity to work on a software development project with a … Continue reading

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