Couple of Great Ideas

1) Don’t know if you may have heard of this, but members of the Occupy Wall Street have come up with a great idea: buy debt on the debt market for pennies on the dollar and then forgive that debt. The project is called Rolling Jubilee. I heard their first project will be to buy up medical debt. They will move on to other type debt as money is available. Mother Jones has a great story on this. Seems like this would be a great way to spend money you might have spent at Walmart.

2) Shop Someplace Besides Walmart On Black Friday
The second idea is something most of us should be doing anyway: boycotting Walmart on black Friday. This is in solidarity with Walmart warehouse workers. If you haven’t heard, they are making noises about unionizing. Of course Walmart is the most anti-union company in the country if not world. The warehouse workers need our support. They get low wages, work in unsafe conditions and deserve our support. Read more about boycotting Walmart here and also here.

Will This Really Happen?
Senate Majority Harry Reid says he will work on filibuster reform first thing in the new congress. My heart flutters! Imagine a congress that could possibly address some of the country’s problems! Be sure to call Senators Harkin (202-224-3254) and Grassley ((202) 224 – 3744) and let them know that it is way past time for this change.

ALEC Meeting Nov. 28-30. Buy-buy Democracy
Alec will be meeting and buying some state legislators in Washington, D.C. the week after Thanksgiving. Just in case you were under the foolish notion that Republican state legislators really cared about what their constituents wanted. They will tell you what you want and it will be the same as the corporations that run ALEC wants.

Iowa Joins Health Exchanges
Late Friday morning, the original final day to join, Governor Branstad confirmed that Iowa will do the right thing and create state run insurance exchanges as called for by the ACA (Obamacare). He couldn’t do it without sticking out his tongue and stomping his foot though. Branstad had to write a nasty letter telling the federal government that he knows more than they do. From the Democratic side of the aisle, Sen. Jack Hatch said Branstad “should stop playing partisan political games.” Hatch went on to say:

“While 17 other states are making health insurance better and easier to purchase, Iowa’s governor is complaining about ‘process’ rather than catching up,” Hatch said in a statement. “Iowans of both parties simply want Gov. Branstad to work with the Obama administration to make buying private insurance easier and to help uninsured Iowans.”

Thank you Governor, even when you had to be drug by the scruff of your neck to do the right thing. Now do the Medicaid part right also, please.

Branstad on Medicaid Expansion
The newest article I could find on Branstad’s stance on Medicaid expansion in connection with the ACA is from July, shortly after the Supreme Court decision on the ACA. At that time Branstad flatly rejected any Medicaid funds for Iowa. His complaint was that the federal government promises something, then pulls it back. Well, Terry, that happens when Republicans are elected to congress. If you want a congress that keeps its promises, help us elect Democrats.

Finally- Is There A Democrat Able To Beat Branstad in 2014?
Will Branstad run again, win again and the retire in 2019 undefeated for life? I hope not. Let him run, but Democrats, let’s get together and unite to send him packing. This is not the old Branstad, and that model was none too good. I don’t think it is too early to start working for a 2014 victory today.

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