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John Nichols On The Wisconsin Uprising And Why Walker Survived: Video

John Nichols on Democracy Now! Wednesday, the morning after the Wisconsin recall. John Nichols is the premiere authority on all things Wisconsin.  A native Wisconsinite, he has amazing knowledge of its traditions and history.  He has been on the ground … Continue reading

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Wisconsin, Democracy’s Firewall Needs Our Help

The Walker recall election is tomorrow, June 5. Right-wing Gov. Scott Walker and Republican Super PACs are plastering the airwaves with vicious attack ads paid for by big money backers. There are no undecided voters left in this race, so … Continue reading

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Video: President Clinton Rallies Wisconsinites For Tom Barrett


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Call To Win In Wisconsin

Call to Win in Wisconsin Republicans are going all-in for right-wing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Walker’s campaign has already spent $21 million trying to whitewash his record of attacking middle class families. The RNC says they’ll spend whatever it takes … Continue reading

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How To Help Wisconsin Recall Scott Walker

We’ve the seen the tide changing lately — from the Occupy Wall Street protests, to progressives winning local elections across the country, to the resounding victory in Ohio where voters overwhelmingly rejected Gov. Kasich’s anti-union agenda. Our win in Ohio … Continue reading

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