Letter From The 99% To The 1%

From our inbox:  The letter below is a simple, elegant expression of the reason for the Occupy Wall Street movement.  We do not know its origin.  Please share widely.

Letter to the 1%

We are the 99%.

We are the rest of the country. We do the work. We pay the taxes. We went through the school systems in our communities and made ourselves into United States Citizens.

The things that we have, we worked for. We pay for the schools that our children go to. The roads that we drive on are paid for by us. We also pay to have our police, fire, emergency, and military keep us from harm.

All these things we are proud to pay for because that is the cost of living in our country.

You, on the other hand, take.

Wealth has been given to you, inherited by you, or you swindled it from someone else. In many cases that wealth was acquired or taken from us. Because of this wealth and (assumed) power, you make sure that the cards are dealt in your favor.

You buy influence in the government that WE pay for. Through that influence you reduce your tax burden and take away services that we need. You tell us that our fire fighters and police officers are costing too much money. You have portrayed our teachers as villains and public workers as a drain on government resources. You tell us that it is too expensive to protect the air that we breathe and the water that we drink.

By your actions, you imply that our children are not important enough to get an education while you send yours to private schools and universities.

You OWN the mainstream media so only YOUR message gets through on the airwaves. Those same airwaves are used by you to peddle your politicians and further control OUR government.

But you are forgetting something.

We are 99, you are 1.

There are many more of us than you.

We communicate in more ways than you can control and we are organizing.

We are not going to be quiet and let you create more phony wealth on our pension funds, home mortgages, and student loans.

You keep saying that our message is unclear but that is a lie.

Our message is very clear.

We are going to take back our country and put it into the hands of the people who care about it.


The 99%.

The Citizens of the United States of America.

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