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Waiting on Wisconsin

I am starting my observations on Tuesday. This may be a stream of consciousness observation week. Right now it is @ 12:30. I have Ed Schultz streaming on the computer. He and John Nichols of the Nation magazine continue to … Continue reading

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A Key To Romney’s Problems And Other Stuff

FOX News highlights Romney’s problem. The above is an actual screen capture from Fox News last Wednesday.  My guess is that most can easily see now why Romney is losing ground among Republicans. Who but Jon Stewart? The Daily Show … Continue reading

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How You Can Help Fortify Democracy’s Firewall

Wisconsin is Democracy’s firewall.   If you can, please consider a donation. Earlier today, along with our partners in the grassroots, we announced something truly amazing: In just one month, in just 30 days, in less than half the time granted, … Continue reading

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How To Help Wisconsin Recall Scott Walker

We’ve the seen the tide changing lately — from the Occupy Wall Street protests, to progressives winning local elections across the country, to the resounding victory in Ohio where voters overwhelmingly rejected Gov. Kasich’s anti-union agenda. Our win in Ohio … Continue reading

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Recall Scott Walker Campaign Begins Tonight At Midnight

People in Wisconsin are gathering at midnight to start the process. According to John Nichols who was on the Ed Schulz radio show today (not available over the publicly owned airwaves in Iowa): Tonight at midnight there will be pajama … Continue reading

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Democratic Gains In Wisconsin Recall Election Advance Progressive Politics

Pay no attention to the media reports of the Wisconsin recall election being a big win for the GOP.  It was not. John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine and Wisconsin native has been reporting from Wisconsin ever since … Continue reading

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