Will An “A” From The NRA Be The New Scarlet Letter?

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Last October following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Gavin Aronson over at the iowainformer.com listed the contributions that Iowa senators and congress members got from the NRA.

blogforiowa.com ran a story on this shortly after the Parkland shootings. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a reminder of how Iowa’s congressional delegation stacks up with the NRA. Below is the short synopsis that Trish Nelson ran in blogforiowa:

The five GOP members of Iowa’s congressional delegation have consistently opposed proposals to strengthen regulations against guns including ones for stronger background checks. They have all earned “A” ratings (or “AQ” ratings, an equivalent rating based on questionnaire responses instead of votes) from the National Rifle Association, which has spent nearly $3.8 million to help them remain in Congress since the 2010 election cycle.

Ernst is one of Congress’ biggest recipients of NRA support in recent years — over $3.1 million. Most of that came when she first ran for the Senate in 2014, when the NRA dropped nearly $2.8 million in independent expenditures including TV ads targeting her Democratic rival, then-Congressman Bruce Braley.

Congressman David Young, a former Grassley aide, has received $384,921 from the NRA since 2014 in the form of direct contributions and independent expenditures.

Congressman Rod Blum, who’s received a more modest $16,215 in support from the NRA since 2014, tweeted a clip of President Trump’s response to the massacre instead of offering thoughts and prayers. The NRA was one of Trump’s biggest supporters; despite Trump’s claims that he ran a self-funded campaign, the NRA spent $30.3 million on his behalf.

Congressman Steve King has yet to issue a statement on the Las Vegas massacre. But he’s also a reliable ally of the NRA, which has given him $54,183 in direct and independent expenditure support since the 2012 election cycle.

Oops where is Grassley? Flip over and check out the original article in the Iowainformer.com

Elections are coming. Those with an “A” rating from the NRA may finally be held accountable for their votes that have led to an internal war on our citizens and our children. They will not be able to hide the “donations” from the NRA and their votes that have put guns on a level above our lives.

Maybe the kids that are leading this movement are actually the answers to all the “thoughts and prayers” that the NRA dupes have been offering?

Once again, thanks to the iowainformer.com for the original data.

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